Tips How's to deal with dry and brittle hair

dry and brittle hair

How to manage dry and brittle natural Afro hair?

We know how stressfull it can be when trying to manage dry and brittle Afro hair,so we have put together some tips that you may find useful.

we recommend washing natural Afro/relaxed hair at least once a week or twice a week if you have been doing any strenuous work which may cause your head to sweat. use a good shampoo and conditioner for your right hair texture.

Avoid using cheap shampoo and conditioners as this will only make matters worse causing the hair to further break.( no one once that!) When combing through your hair make sure to always use a wide tooth or de tangling comb this will prevent any harsh pulling to the hair.

We recommend at least every to weeks to a stream treatment and using anti breakage conditioner ,this can be done at home with a stream cap or in a salon.(treat yourself !)

We recommend using a good hair moisturizer/ conditioner daily,First in the morning this will prevent the hair from drying out and will keep the hair soft and sleek through the day,next repeat again before you go to bed and cover with a silk cap this will stop the hair from rubbing from on other materials that may cause damage to the hair while you sleep.


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