How To Take Care Of Your Human Hair Extensions

How To Take Care Of Your Hair Extensions


Treat your new virgin hair as you would your own. Wash regularly with warm to hot water to strip it of unwanted grease and dust particles from the air.

1. Wash your new hair with a good quality shampoo
2. Conditioning your hair is a MUST. Use a good quality conditioner to keep your new hair soft, healthy and shiny.
3. Comb through with a big tooth comb to avoid damage.


Your new virgin hair is unprocessed and as natural as natural can be so it may vary in colour as does your natural hair. If you want a change you can achieve excellent results colouring your hair providing you apply and care for it properly.

1. Choose a good quality hair dye brand
2. Follow the step by step instructions and use a timer
3. Wash it out properly
4. Use a good conditioner to keep the hair from drying out


Your new hair can withstand the heat from most if not all heat styling products in the market so to ensure long lasting results make sure you protect it.

1. Conditioning your hair will provide some protection during blow drying, straightening and curling.
2. Use a good heat protection product which contains glycerin and/or propylene glycol in order to reduce damage.
3. For maximum results allow your hair to dry naturally (without heat) BEFORE using any heat styling tools.